Fitness boot camps have been proven to be a very effective and fun way for you to work yourself into shape. As such, several programmes have opened up, and several participants have enrolled for the same. If you are attending a boot camp for the very first time, or maybe after an unpleasant past experience, you could be looking for some pointers. Here are some things worth remembering for an effective, enriching boot camp experience.

Have Realistic Expectations

Boot camps are multidimensional and sometimes targeted towards a very specific target. Go through your prospectus or brochure to understand exactly what to expect from the program. Most of these involve constant exercise and full body engaging workouts.

This could involve running, lifting weights, push-ups, pull-ups and a lot more. Be mentally prepared for these. Expect outcomes based on the duration and intensity of the program so that you know what you are getting into.

Success at exercise

Plan, Prepare and Gear Up

The preparation leading up to the fitness camp is as important as the curriculum itself. The first step is prospecting. Find out where the meetings are held, and check the area out. You are usually not expected to purchase or buy any equipment. Ensure that you own comfortable fitness wear and a pair of sneakers.

You can also opt for accessories like headbands or wristbands according to your preference. Carry a power bar and a bottle of water. Staying hydrated is very important, and eating right keeps you energized as well. Plan and stay ahead of the game at all times.