Change Your Clients’ Life by Offering them Kettlebell Workouts

As a professional fitness trainer with Fitness Australia CEC’s and numerous kettlebell certifications, have you introduced your clients yet to the wonderful world of kettlebell training? If not, it is time you underwent a kettlebell certification course to know more about this unique training module that offers a wide range of multiple benefits that few other workouts can boast of!

In fact, offering your clients kettlebell training can change their life forever for the better and they will always thank you for it. Be sure to check out the Melbourne course for more info.

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Kettlebell Training makes the Core Stronger

Most of the workouts done with kettlebells require intensive core engagement. When you go through the paces, your core will be compelled to engage as many large and small muscles possible which means you gain a stronger core with every session.

Kettlebell Training offers Cardiovascular Benefits

As kettlebell certification courses will teach you, one of the best things about kettlebell workouts is that they provide all the benefits of rigorous cardiovascular workouts without the intense impact. This means you get the same benefit you derive from running at a high pace but without hurting your joints.

The fluid, low-impact movements of kettlebell workouts such as snatches and swings greatly improves your aerobic capacity without having any harmful impact on the joints.

So kettlebells are just perfect for aged clients with weak joints or those who have suffered injuries in their joints and are sceptical of exercise.

Kettlebell Training is Beneficial in Reducing Low Back Pain

One of the misconceptions about kettlebells is that they can hurt your back and many clients are scared of using this wonderful equipment. However, as a trainer you will learn during your kettlebell certification courses that on the contrary; kettlebell workouts can work wonders for strengthening the back and reducing low back pain.

When executed with the right technique and form, kettlebell workouts strengthen your back muscles like few other workouts can. It also makes the lower back more flexible and increases your range of motions.

This is because kettlebell workouts primarily derive the momentum from the thrust of your hip muscles and not the muscles of your lower back. Your lower back always stays protected while it is being toned and strengthened further.

Moreover, working out with kettlebells also strengthens the glutes which also plays a major part in reducing back pain.

So people who have been suffering for years from low back pain and restricted mobility can benefit greatly from doing regular kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebells offer a Comprehensive Workout in Lesser Time

In today’s busy times, people tend to neglect their health in the pursuit of other important things. Most do not have the time or the opportunity to regularly attend an hour long fitness session thrice or five times a week. Kettlebell workout is the perfect solution for such busy clients who want a quick yet highly effective workout.

Kettlebell exercises are total-body workouts that tone and strengthen each and every muscle and joint of your body. There is no isolation of muscles which means your clients lose substantial amount of fat from the entire body.

Moreover, kettlebells offer all the combined benefits of cardios, strength training and flexibility training thereby making it the most complete workout you can offer your clients.