Be Adaptable

Boot camps are held in groups, so you will need to learn how to work in a group. You should maintain a positive attitude, and persevere, even if the first few sessions seem a bit hard. Follow your group leader or instructor’s instructions.

If you find it difficult to keep up with the rigor of some of the routines, speak up and ask if you could stretch a little less, or decrease frequency. You know your strengths and flaws more than anyone else.

Stay Hydrated

This is vital. Drink plenty of fluids before and during the session, and get an electrolyte-based drink after, to revitalize and replenish your body.

prepare for a fitness class

Don’t Slacken

The worst thing when it comes to fitness camps and programs is lethargy. You end up lagging behind the entire group, and will feel like giving up more often than not. Pick up the pace, and maintain a healthy pace throughout the routine.

Stay Motivated

If this is your first time attending a fitness program, you’ll definitely find it to be rough. The first day will be intense, physically and mentally. This is why you must try to keep things light on the first day. Don’t go for gold right from the start.

Build confidence and increase your workload step by step. Don’t give up if you feel stress or fatigue; this is expected. The routine will eventually make your joints and muscles more flexible, and continued exercise will actually reduce the fatigue.

A fitness boot camp is a great experience, and there’s a lot you can take back from it. You’ll sweat a lot, but you’ll learn more, and emerge healthier and happier.